Share your memories of Niagara College with us!

In honour of Niagara College’s 50th year anniversary, we are planning a special feature for our next issue of Encore magazine. We are asking prominent members of our NC community (including alumni and retirees) to share their special memories of Niagara College with us.

Memories to share:

Your memory can be about an experience you had that stands out about your time at Niagara College.

It can be a notable milestone that occurred while you were here (such as the opening of a new campus, launch of a new program, a historic event that took place while you were on campus) and why it was meaningful to you.

Perhaps something significant happened during your time at Niagara College that has had a profound impact on your life or your career path.

Or simply share with us what you love/ loved about Niagara College – why you feel that it is unique, a college like no other – or what makes you proud to be a member of the Niagara College community.

Please fill out the following forming and submit your responses and a photo to us by April 24, 2017.