Niagara College program seeks clients for fitness assessments

Students from Niagara College’s Exercise Science Health and Promotion program are seeking candidates who are hoping to take their fitness training to the next level.

Every Tuesday evening between March 25 and April 15 students are welcoming new clients for practice as they work toward becoming certified exercise physiologists. The tests may appeal to those who would like to improve their training for endurance sports and physical activities as well as those who are curious to know how fit they really are.

This opportunity is open to Niagara College staff and students as well as local residents.

“The tests we are offering – most of them free of charge – are a wonderful opportunity for our students staff and the community to receive valuable information that can help boost their fitness levels” said Erin Sargent coordinator of the Exercise Science for Health and Performance program. “In addition students in our graduate certificate program who already have a degree in Kinesiology Human Kinetics or Physical Education – will gain valuable experience in the industry as they work toward certification.”

Clients may sign up for any combination of tests including:

Lactate Threshold Test
– The blood lactate test is an incremental test used to determine a client’s individual anaerobic or lactate threshold (LT). This test can be done using the Woodway treadmill or a Monark bike. This type of testing is important for determining a client’s individual training zones and monitoring his or her training status. Clients receive a report that includes their thresholds and recommended training zones. Only small fingertip samples are required using a lancet. Cost: $50.

Body Composition Assessment
– Body composition testing calculates a client’s percentage of body fat and lean body weight to fat mass ratios. Cost: Free.

VO2max Test – Clients will receive a wealth of information about their training status from this test which can be done on the Woodway treadmill or Monark bike. This test incrementally measures oxygen consumption carbohydrate and fat burning efficiencies as well as ventilation heart rate speed and power. Based on the data obtained clients will receive individualized heart rate zones thresholds training zones for cycling or running as well and recommendations for program design. Cost: Free.

Submaximal Fitness Assessment – Should a maximal test or lactate test be outside a client’s comfort zone NC students offer the submaximal testing to determine a client’s aerobic and musculoskeletal fitness posture assessment and recommendations for program design. Cost: Free.

Testing will take place between 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. at the Welland Campus Athletic Centre room A200B (second floor).

Those interested can reserve a time by contacting Jennifer Wilkins at [email protected] or (111) 111-1111 ext. 7587 and indicating which test(s) they are interested in.  

Niagara College’s Exercise for Health Science and Performance is a one-year graduate certificate program where students develop skills needed to assess counsel and prescribe programs for high-performance athletes as well as individuals with high blood pressure diabetes obesity issues and other chronic conditions. Graduates pursue career opportunities in rehabilitation units fitness and wellness centres sports institutes hospitals occupational testing companies the armed forces municipalities and community services and more.

Niagara College offers more than 111 diploma bachelor degree and advanced level programs at campuses in Welland Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara Falls; as well as more than 600 credit vocational and general interest Part-Time Studies courses. Areas of specialization include food and wine sciences advanced technology media applied health and community safety supported by unique learning enterprises in food wine beer horticulture and esthetics. For more information visit

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