Eight Niagara College students attended Ontario Professional Buyers Conference

Eight Niagara College students from the supply chain and operations management program along with over 200 professionals from the field of public sector buying attended the Ontario Professional Buyers Conference.

The mayor of Niagara Falls, Mike Diodati, spoke in the introductory address followed by a keynote presenter, Mike ᾮPinballᾯ Clemons, a former CFL player with the Toronto Argonauts. Mike Clemons encouraged individuals to be intentional about who they are and what they want and emphasized having individuals seek to understand and to be understood. It was a very powerful and inspirational address.

Students also attended two very informative and thought provoking sessions:

  • How to manage risk in the procurement process and how institutions need to identify risk and provide mediation strategies to protect themselves from risk.
  • Collaborative procurement and how full disclosure and transparency from both the buyer and seller provide for greater insight into each parties wants and needs.

By attending this event Niagara College students acquired much value added insight into the professional aspects of supply chain and operations management. They met and networked with a number of professionals and considered the event to be a very worthwhile experience.

The students were recognized as being in attendance in both the opening and closing addresses. Once the formal activities were completed several conference attendees, as well as the past OPBA president, took it upon themselves to meet the students and talk about the field of professional buying.

We would like to thank these students:  Aman Arora, Jessica Clements, Lewis Kibaara, Tanisha Medford, James Merksamer, Kassandra Peresky, Olga Cherkasova, Benqi Bi