Student Feedback

Feedback from students is gathered in a variety of ways: student satisfaction data, curriculum committees, and course feedback surveys.

Course Feedback Surveys

Course Feedback is an essential component of all courses offered for credit at Niagara College, and provides a systematic and consistent mechanism for gathering and responding to input from students.

More information about Course Feedback Surveys will be available soon!

Student Satisfaction Data

Student Satisfaction data is gathered annually by survey as a Key Performance Indicator. Results of this survey are reviewed and analyzed annually for indications of the need to make changes in a program, and are also incorporated into the program review process. Program satisfaction is analyzed by program, by school, by Division, across the college and across the system, and changes implemented as appropriate.

Curriculum Committees

Curriculum Committees held annually with students provide more qualitative information. Faculty meet at least once each academic year with students in each program to give them an opportunity to make recommendations regarding curriculum and course objectives. These meetings provide a forumĀ  for a joint discussion about curriculum and course objectives of the program, with the aim of continuous improvement in the quality and relevance of the program. Results from Curriculum Committees are incorporated into the program review process and recommendations for changes made as appropriate.