Teaching Circles

The Teaching Circles Program provides faculty with an opportunity to gain new insight into their teaching through a process of reciprocal classroom observation and self-reflection.

What is better than a free lunch? A free lunch with colleagues eager to talk about teaching! A small group of faculty from across campus will form a ᾮteaching circleᾯ and invite one another to observe their classes. They will then meet over a complimentary lunch to discuss what they’ve learned about their own practice through the observational process. No evaluation. No feedback. No record. Just the opportunity to reflect on your teaching in the company of thought-provoking colleagues, all while enjoying an equally exciting lunch.

Teaching Circles members commit to three activities:

  1. Attending an initial organizational meeting in September to meet their group members and discuss logistics (approx. 1 hr)
  2. Visiting each of the other circle members’ classes once in the months of October or November (approx. 3 x 1 hr visits)
  3. Meeting again, this time over lunch, in December for a follow-up reflection (1 hr)

Upcoming Programs

No Teaching Circles programs are currently available.

Scheduled Sessions

There are no program sessions scheduled at this time.

Once registered, additional program details will be made available to you, including access to resources via Blackboard.

If you have questions about the Teaching Circles Program, please call 111-641-1152 ext. 4348 or e-mail Educational Developer, Apryl Gill at [email protected].