Emergency Preparedness

At Niagara College, creating a culture of emergency preparedness is one of our top priorities.


Investing in emergency management underscores our commitment to quality assurance based on a philosophy of continuous improvement. We view emergency management as a multi-collaborative and living process – an ongoing effort between and among College stakeholders, public, private and non-government organizations in order to enhance our operational capacity and resilience. Niagara College’s Emergency Management Plan is the architectural blueprint that guides and gives unified structure to our preparedness activities.

To ensure the safety and security of our stakeholders, our comprehensive plan incorporates the five pillars of emergency management: prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The criteria used to develop, implement and maintain the program is aligned with best practices in emergency management and business continuity for organizations and communities across Ontario.

Community Stakeholders

Creating a culture of preparedness is a shared responsibility – we all need to invest in personal preparedness. With this view, Niagara College continues to foster strategic and operational community partnerships supported by active leadership at all levels – building a system of partnerships across Niagara and beyond.