Personal Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared?

Emergencies can strike anywhere, at any time. That’s why is encouraged to be prepared—by having a plan, assembling a survival kit, and by staying informed.

An emergency kit

Emergency Tools and Resources

Alert Ready

is designed to deliver critical and potentially life-saving alerts to Canadians through television and radio.

The Alert Ready system is developed in partnership with federal, provincial and territorial emergency management officials, Environment Canada and the broadcast industry to ensure you receive alerts immediately and know when to take action to keep yourself and your family safe.

Government officials developed a specific list of the types of alerts that are considered a threat to life and should be broadcast immediately: Fire, Natural, Biological, Hazardous Materials, Environmental, Terrorist Hazard, Civil and Administrative.

Red Alert

is an excellent notification tool from the Province of Ontario to increase situational awareness concerning community emergencies.

The Province of Ontario issues a Red Alert to provide recommended immediate actions to protect citizens, their families and others when there is an imminent threat to life, public safety or property. Red Alerts are coordinated by Emergency Management Ontario.

Some situations in which a Red Alert may be issued include:

  • Large fire or explosion
  • Chemical leak or spill
  • Nuclear emergency
  • Transportation accident

When a Red Alert or Emergency Information Advisory is issued, Emergency Management Ontario will send an email notification to all subscribers from [email protected].