Emergency Phones

Use these emergency phones to contact us in the event of an emergency while inside any of the buildings on Niagara College property.

An emergency on campus payphone

Pay Phones

Several strategically placed payphones are available on campus to assist staff, students and the public in contacting Campus Security Services.

These payphones have a red button on the user interface above the keypad that when pushed, connects to the emergency cell phone carried by Security Staff. There is no charge for calling either 911 or Campus Security Services in the event of an emergency.

These payphones have been programmed by the College and Campus Security staff so that in the event that the call is terminated, the last known location of the caller is identified for Campus Security staff to respond to.

Emergency VOIP phone


All classrooms have been outfitted with VOIP (voice over IP) phones. These phones provide a direct link to Security staff on both campuses. Once activated, the call will be connected to us and the appropriate personnel will be dispatched to assist. To dial 911 on a VOIP phone first dial “9” and then “911”. There is no charge for calling 911 or Security Services in the event of an emergency.