Term one (2018 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
CAPL1199 Computer Applications 3
SOCL1430 Multiculturalism and Diversity in Canada 3
SOWK1111 Methods I (Case Work) 4
SOWK1102 Community Orientation and Practice Issues 2
SOWK1103 Methods I (Group Work) 4
SOWK1105 Social Services I 3
COMM1140 Essential Communication Skills for Community Services 3
Term two (2019 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
SOWK1200 Methods II (Case Work) 4
SOWK1202 Practice Integration and Issues I 3
SOWK1203 Methods II (Group Work and Research) 3
SOWK1205 Social Services II 4
PRAC1202 Field Placement I - Social Service Worker 5
Elective Information

Completion of additional General Education elective 1 course required

Term three (2019 Fall)
Code Course Name Credits
SOWK1302 Practice Integration and Issues II 3
SOWK1303 Methods III (Group Work and Community Organization) 4
SOWK1305 Social Services III 3
SOWK1306 Methods III - Theory 2
SOWK1307 Casework Video Recording and Review 2
PRAC1302 Field Placement II - Social Service Worker 4
COMM1240 Advanced Report Writing Strategies 3
Term four (2020 Winter)
Code Course Name Credits
SOWK1400 Methods IV (Case Work) 3
SOWK1401 Social Services IV 2
SOWK1402 Practice Integration and Issues III 3
SOWK1404 Leadership in the Workplace 3
PRAC1402 Field Placement III - Social Service Worker 6