Professional Development

A staff member participates in a conference

Niagara College and the CPOD office are dedicated to supporting employee learning. We host several opportunities throughout the year for staff to engage in development on a variety of subjects.

PD Opportunities

During our break weeks, and on various dates throughout the year, CPOD offers workshops, seminars and events to support staff development. (Please note that the College’s is the College’s primary source for faculty professional development related to teaching and learning.)

Download the February 2018 Break Week calendar here.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

Tuition Assistance

Niagara College values continuous education of its employees and will give consideration to supporting employee’s participation in taking credit courses from an accredited post-secondary institution leading towards a certificate, diploma, undergraduate and/or graduate degree.  Applications for the program are available starting in December each year and are due in January.  Decisions are made in March for the following fiscal year, please see the practice for more information.

The Centre for Professional & Organizational Development is now accepting Tuition Assistance Applications for the 2018-2019 Fiscal year. Applications are due to the Associate Director, Centre for Professional & Organizational Development by Friday February 2, 2018.

Faculty interested in completing education that will lead to additional step progressions, should consult the Further Formal Education for the Purpose of Additional Progression Steps practice.

Western Region Support Staff Conference

This bi-annual conference is held in November and brings together support staff from Niagara, Mohawk, Conestoga, Lambton and Fanshaw colleges to provide employees with the skills needed to grow within their organization. The next conference will be Fall 2018. Information will be available in Spring/Summer 2018. For more information please contact the CPOD Office.