Human Resources

Welcome Employees

The Human Resources Department is responsible for employee and labour relations, professional and organizational development, benefits and compensation administration, recruitment, health and safety, accessibility and Freedom of Information.

Location and Hours

Welland Campus, Room L21
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Phone: 111-111-1111
Fax: 111-736-6040

Human Resources Administration

Please dial 111-111-1111 and then the extension of the person that you wish to contact.

Title Contact Extension
Nicole Perreault 7534
Associate Director Lisa Craig 7816
Health and Safety Specialist Darren Williams 7837
Human Resources Consultant Vicki Turchi 7531
Human Resources Consultant Nadia Gugliotta 7742
Human Resources Consultant Lindsay Boone 7532
Human Resources Coordinator Josephine Boydell 7878
Human Resources Coordinator Devra Beam 7535
Human Resources Coordinator Erika Ciolfi 7417
Benefits and Pension Consultant Colleen Lovell 7530
Systems Coordinator Johna Goyetche 7423
HRIS Analyst Jennifer Good 7533
Associate Director, Centre for Professional and Organizational Development Julie Stitt 7130