Report an Accident or Incident

Report all accidents and incidents to Health and Safety as soon as possible. This is extremely important. Follow instructions below.

How to make your report

You can also find the form and walk-through guide at the following network location:

G:\Corporate\Practices & Procedures\Practices\Health, Safety and Security\HS&S Practice – Forms\Incident Accident Form & Guidelines

Complete this form as soon as possible and submit it using one of the following methods:

It is crucial that work related incidents or accidents or near misses for College employees, Employment & Training Solutions and Unpaid Student Placements be reported immediately to allow us to complete our reporting obligations and implement corrective actions.

What is a critical injury?

A critical injury is defined as an injury of a serious nature that:

  • Places life in jeopardy,
  • Produces unconsciousness,
  • Results in substantial loss of blood,
  • Involves the fracture of a leg or arm but not a finger or toe,
  • Involves the amputation of a leg, arm, hand or foot but not a finger or toe,
  • Consists of burns to a major portion of the body, or
  • Causes the loss of sight in an eye.

In the unfortunate event of a critical injury, it is of paramount importance that the scene of the accident is not disturbed. Please immediately inform your supervisor who will contact the Environmental Health and Safety Department for assistance.

What is a near miss?

A near miss is defined as an act, or action that did not result in injury, illness or damage, but had the potential to do so. A near miss is a powerful tool in injury prevention. Investigating near misses provides us the opportunity to implement a corrective action and avoid a more serious future occurrence. Please report all near misses to the Environmental Health and Safety Department using the Incident / Accident Report form found under the heading ᾮHow to make your reportᾯ on this page.