Support for Students with Disabilities

A student with her service dog

Letters of Accommodation

Many professors at Niagara College may have students in their classes who have provided a letter from Accessibility Services stating that academic accommodations they require. Students may have a seen, or unseen disability.

Accommodations enable these students to work at their full academic potential while coping with a disability.

Visit Accessibility Services

Letters of Accommodation

You may receive a Letter of Accommodation from one of your students via email.

Please visit Accessibility Services – Disabilities and Accommodations to learn more about specific disabilities, their impacts, and accommodations that we might provide to make their learning experience great.

Students may also be provided test accommodations, which will be outlined in their letter. Typically, the Test Centre at Niagara College will perform tests that require special accommodations, such as additional time to write the test/exam, adaptive computer software, requirements for scribes, interpreters and so on.