Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that are not answered below, please contact Gill Shriner at 111-111-1111 ext. 7503.

How do I place a Work Order?

Issues relating to any FMS service can be submitted through the work order system. If you do not have access, please have your admin assistant or other designated staff within your department fill out an work order for all non-emergency matters as needed, and we will address your request as soon as possible.

How do I get access to the e-Base system?

If you are a new administrative assistant or designated person within your department, please e-mail Gill Shriner (at [email protected]) with your name and position. Your account will be set up, and you will receive an e-mail with your user name, password, and other instructions.

When should I submit a Work Order Request for repairs and/or maintenance?

Reporting facilities and services that need repairs or general maintenance is an effective way to help our staff keep the campus safe and clean. On a campus with a large population and facilities similar to a small city, it is a challenge to be aware of all maintenance requirements. We rely heavily on the friendly contact from our customer to identify things such as spent light bulbs, empty soap dispensers and hand sanitizers, temperature issues, etc.

How quickly will the work that I requested be completed?

Last year the FMS team responded to over 20,000 requests for maintenance, repair, moves, etc. Requests are prioritized as to their effect on safety, impact on normal operations, etc., and we will do our best to address all requests as quickly as possible with the available resources. We appreciate your patience.

What if my request is an emergency?

If you encounter an emergency situation such as flooding, leaks, large spills (liquid or broken glass), or other issues that could compromise the health and safety of our community, please contact Gill Shriner at extension 7503, or if after hours, the Security Office.

What if my request is not an emergency?

Please submit a work order in the and we will address your request in priority sequence.

It's too hot or cold in my area.

Issues with the heating or cooling system can be submitted by creating a work order in the work order system.

In extreme cases where classrooms are so hot or cold as to affect the students’ comfort or ability to learn, please contact Gill Shriner at extension 7503.

How do I request a key?

Keys are issued upon approval of the department Director/Dean, then by submitting a work order through the work order system. Please include the lock code on the lock cylinder, and the room number.

Who will move my office or furniture?

Moving of office furniture and/or equipment is handled by Ancillary Services (no longer a part of FMS); however, requests can still be made by submitting a request through the work order system. Your request will be routed accordingly.

How do I have a room set up?

Room and event setup must be scheduled through Ancillary Services (no longer a part of FMS). Please contact Jennifer Pinfold at [email protected].

How can I have my area renovated?

All renovation requests must be approved by the department director, and submitted via the Project Request Form available on the corporate drive at G:\Corporate\Forms\Facilities Management\. Once completed, submit the form to Gill Shriner at [email protected] for distribution and approval. Once the project is assessed, supporting documentation will be returned to you along with timelines for final approval before proceeding.

How do I obtain a secure bin for shredding, or replace a full bin?

All bins are currently emptied on alternating Thursdays. Please submit an work order to request a new bin.

There are not enough seats in my classroom.

At the beginning of term, classrooms are set up to maximum capacity. If the number of students exceeds capacity, please contact Scheduling at [email protected] for a room change.

Where can I hang posters to advertise my event?

Bulletin boards are located strategically throughout the facility for event advertising. However, if your event requires additional signage (directional posters, etc.) please affix them using ONLY green or blue painter’s tape, and ensure all signage is removed immediately following the event. Ensure that your signage does not block sight lines on glass doors.

How do I recycle my printer toner?

Spent printer toner cartridges can be boxed and labeled FOR RECYCLE and included with your office outgoing mail.

I am a BRTF student requiring space to shoot. What do I need to do?

It is your responsibility to ensure that all permit and permission documents are signed before your shoot. The location permit needs to be signed by FMS, located in S217, Security, located in S101A, and your instructor.

If your shoot requires the use of ladders, you must contact Health & Safety in L11 for Working at Heights Training as per new government safety regulations.

If you require additional power distribution to avoid blowing the breaker, please inform FMS a minimum of 24 hours in advance of your shoot, so we can make the necessary arrangements. FMS office hours are 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

How do I obtain extra cleaning services for an event?

If you require extra, one-time cleaning services for a special event, please contact Leonard Patrick at extension 4442 for Niagara-on-the-Lake, or David MacLeod at extension 7218 for Welland as far in advance as possible, as it takes some time to co-ordinate staff, especially on the weekends.