Communicable Disease Surveillance Forms

Students in a program with a placement component must submit immunization information prior to placement.

For assistance please visit the Communicable Disease Surveillance Form Office in AH125-A at the Welland Campus (when you enter Room AH125, it’s the office on the left), or call 111-111-1111 extension 7603.

Are you a first year student?

Some programs require students to have certain medical and health criteria, such as a completed Communicable Disease Screening Form.

Important: Please check the ᾮProgram Requirementsᾯ listed on the ᾮAdmission Requirementsᾯ tab of your program’s webpage on the Niagara College website for program health requirements.

Read the following carefully:
  • If you are a First Year Student you will receive your CDS form in the mail as part of your acceptance package.
  • If you have not received it, you may download the CDS Form or .
  • You must complete your CDS form and submit it to the CDS Office inside Health Services, Welland Campus, Room AH125-A. When you enter Room AH125, it’s the office on the left.
  • A Physician will have to complete portions of this form. Your family physician or local clinic can help – or schedule an appointment with a Niagara College Physician.
  • Once completed and submitted, please allow 48-72 hours for processing for your CDS clearance e-mail to be sent to your student e-mail account.  The e-mail signifies that you have met the health compliance required for your program.

Read your form carefully. Failure to comply may delay the placement component of your program.

Use our helpful checklist

Download, print out and go through the checklist carefully to ensure that you have properly filled out your Communicable Disease Surveillance form.

Download the CDS Checklist

Are you a returning student?

There is no need to complete another CDS form if one has previously been completed and submitted.

If your CDS Clearance is expired or about to expire:

If you are a returning student and your CDS Clearance is expired or about to expire please download and complete the TB Update Form. If you have been previously cleared by a chest x-ray and it has been 2 years since your last x-ray, please download and complete the .