Teri Canestraro

After completion of her Bachelor of Applied Business – Hospitality Management at Niagara College and her MBA in International Hospitality Management in Switzerland, Teri returned to Niagara Falls and journeyed into the Event Industry.

While working in industry, Teri created ‘to a T Events’ to help people and organizations on a budget be able to produce memorable events.  Being a Niagara College Graduate and an entrepreneur at heart, Teri is right at home teaching part time at Niagara College and highly motivated to bring current trends and techniques into the classroom.  Being a proud recipient of the 40 Under 40 Niagara Award in 2015, has empowered Teri to offer her expertise and services to a variety of organizations such as the CNIB and the Brain Injury Association of Niagara Annual Gala.  Using her creativity, both in industry and the classroom, Teri brings a variety of resources and specializes in Event Planning and Logistics. Being able to teach, execute events and impact the community is what Teri is most passionate about.