Exciting changes in store for annual spring event

Exciting change has come for Niagara College’s annual spring event, designed to combine student recruitment and community outreach.

The former Spring Showcase and VIP Days will be rolled into the new Spring Open House, a signature one-day event scheduled for March 23 that will expand to both campuses – highlighting all of NC’s programs, services, facilities and enterprises for prospective students and the community.

“The Spring Open House is an opportunity to open our doors and invite prospective students, parents and the community inside and show them what we do and all that we can offer,” said president Dan Patterson. “It allows us to reach our successful applicants, secondary students, mature students and others returning to school, and demonstrate how Niagara College can be their path to success. At the same time, we’ll be showing the broader community some of the unique, exciting and important work we’re doing here at NC.”

Components of the Spring Open House will include:

  • Half-hour information sessions held by each academic school, providing general program information;
  • Displays and activities for each academic school that provide a touch point for visitors and share program materials and information in an interactive, engaging and interesting way;
  • A spotlight on student services, with information fairs at each campus and information sessions addressing key issues for incoming students and parents, including financial aid/planning, degree completion opportunities, co-op education and more;
  • Regular tours at each campus;
  • Entertainment and reception spaces.

The event will also have elements that highlight Niagara College’s applied research initiatives and our unique learning enterprises – including the greenhouse, spa, teaching winery and brewery, and – while engaging NC’s alumni community.

“Our Spring Open House falls at a crucial time in our recruitment cycle, and it’s our chance to tip the balance for students who are considering Niagara College in their postsecondary plans,” said Patterson. “I look forward to seeing the creative ways that our faculty and staff will come up with to highlight their program and service areas, and tell the Niagara College story.”

Included in the Spring Open House event will be NC’s own TEDx event – part of the TED Talks online phenomenon that combines live presentations and online videos aimed at sharing ideas. An intriguing list of local speakers is being assembled for the Niagara College event, including NC’s own Dr. Mike Duncan and Dr. Marc Nantel, and Brian Stofer and Stephen Remus of the Niagara Artists Centre. The TEDx event takes place from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the Yerich Auditorium at the NOTL campus. For further information, visit .

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