Retirement gathering for Steve Collins June 23

A reminder that a retirement gathering will be held in honour of Steve Collins on June 23, from 1-3 p.m. in the Welland board room (AHI 255)

Collins will be retiring  from his position at Niagara College after 29 years. 

During his time at Niagara, he has served as a full-time faculty member as well as program coordinator, developed new courses, served on OPSEU Local 242 and worked on a variety of curriculum projects. He has always demonstrated a sincere commitment to student success, regularly spending many hours providing assistance to students outside of class time and maintaining an open-door policy. During his career at Niagara College he has taught into several programs: paramedic, nursing, and dental; he currently teaches in Pre-Health Science where he shares his unique perspective on the program’s development to help the team come up with new and creative solutions to challenges and problems.

Collins has always been known to provide willing assistance to orient new faculty members to the College, to collaborate on teaching and testing strategies, and to co-teach courses with an emphasis on creating a positive student experience. Both current students and alumni remark that his compassion and consideration are equaled by their knowledge and expertise.

During his career at Niagara College, he has had a positive impact on colleagues and students alike, nurturing an atmosphere of respect and collaborative teaching within his department and taking the time to share his wisdom, experience, and new ideas. He strives for excellence in all that he does and inspires his students and coworkers to do the same. 

He will be missed, and his colleagues would  like to wish him all the best as he looks forward to his retirement. Please join his colleagues at the open house on June 23 from 1-3 p.m.

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