Niagara College Participates in Pollinator Week

Niagara College students, faculty and employees participated in activities during Pollinator Week, which ran June 15th to June 21st 2015. Pollinator Week was initiated by the Pollinator Partnership, and is recognized internationally to raise awareness and celebrate pollinators. There are many different types of pollinators such as bees, butterflies, birds and bats and they all contribute to the continuation of global ecosystems and our food systems.

The first event took place Monday June 15th 2015 at the NOTL campus, and was hosted by Margaret Pickles, a Niagara College faculty member. The focus for the Discovering the Diversity of Pollinators workshop was to highlight the diversity of pollinators and their critical importance to food systems and natural ecosystems and build simple pollinator habitat structures.

On Wednesday June 17th Niagara College students and employees attended a community wildflower planting event hosted by the (NRC). As part of their Blooms for Bees program, the NRC has been planting wildflower gardens across Niagara to support pollinator habitat.

The final event took place Thursday June 18th at the Wildflower Meadow at the Welland Campus where students, faculty and employees planted Grey Dogwood to add to the ever growing meadow. For anyone interested in exploring, the Wildflower Meadow can be accessed by the corner of Rice Road and Woodlawn Road.

Students creating pollinator habitat

Attendees at the Discovering the Diversity of Pollinators workshop

Planting Wild Flowers with Niagara Restoration Council

Planting wild flowers at the Wildflower Meadow in Welland

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