What’s new at the NC Greenhouse

NC Greenhouse manager Matthew Orr stands in front of the newly expanded chef’s garden.

There’s more growing than ever at the NC Greenhouse.

Staff, students and visitors to the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus may have noticed an expanded chef’s garden just steps outside the NC Greenhouse, near .

ᾮOur chef’s garden has doubled in size since last year,ᾯ said NC Greenhouse manager Matthew Orr.

Orr, who graduated from NC’s Landscape Technician program in 2002, noted that the garden is a living laboratory for students who plant produce such as tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, kale, eggplant and chives. The pesticide-free food is, in turn, used by culinary students and served at Benchmark restaurant.

 “People touring the greenhouse are interested to learn that the salad they just ate at Benchmark came from the greenhouse and the students are excited about it too,” said Orr.  

Some of the produce has been sold at Brock University’s farmer’s market, and Orr said it may be sold at the Greenhouse in the future if quantities increase.

In addition to the expanded chef’s garden, the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus flower garden beds are getting greener than ever. The garden beds are being updated with more sustainable plants such as flowering annuals with hardier, more drought-tolerant flowering shrubs or beautiful perennials grown in the College’s nursery.

In mid-June, hanging baskets were put up to line the roads and accentuate the campus entrances. Planters contain flowers and exotic tropical plants grown at the NC greenhouse.

Trees were also planted along the roadside and on top of the courtyard that were dug from the College’s nursery.

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