Cast your vote for NC grad vying to become Cineplex pre-show host


NC grad Andrew Thompson is competing to become the new Cineplex pre-show host.

A Niagara College grad is in the running to become a Cineplex’s pre-show host.

Andrew Thompson, a graduate of the College’s Acting for Film and Television program (2010) has been was selected as one of 10 finalists vying to become the new Cineplex pre-show host.

Voting opened to the public on June 30 and will continue until July 20 at 8:59 a.m. The public can vote once a day for the finalists.

After three finalists are chosen from public votes, a special Cineplex panel will select the winner. The winner will host segments in the Cineplex pre-show, and have opportunities to appear on , Cineplex magazine, and various social media channels – as well as receive free movies for a year.


About Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson was raised in Niagara Falls from the age of three. At the age of eight, he discovered that he had a knack for doing impersonations, particularly those of actor Jim Carrey. Thompson used his impersonations as a way of bringing smiles and laughter to friends and family. His uncle even encouraged him to share the impersonations with friends and family at a normally somber time in the coffee room of his grandmother’s funeral. Thompson felt so happy to be able to make others smile and laugh at a usually very serious occasion, and knew that was what he wanted to do when he grew up. He has a strong desire to live out what he believes is his calling in the entertainment industry. He also has a strong desire to be a positive role model to those that enjoy and follow his work. Thompson graduated from the Acting for Film and Television program at Niagara College in 2010, the first graduating class of the program.

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