All news items, story ideas, and requests for coverage must be submitted through the OR by emailing [email protected].

How to Use the FreshDesk Ticket System

In order to use FreshDesk you must set up an account, which is separate from your Blackboard login.

You may log in at any time and track the progress of your request, communicate directly with the team members who are completing your request, and attach additional files and notes.

Already have a FreshDesk account?

Can’t log in? and then click the “reset your password” link. The password is not linked to your Blackboard account.

How to Sign Up for a FreshDesk Account and Submit an InsideNC Request

  1. Go to
  2. Click either of the ᾮSign Upᾯ links.
    Screenshot showing Sign Up link
  3. Enter your full name and college email address, and then enter the CAPTCHA. Click ᾮRegisterᾯ.
    Screenshot showing sign up form for Marketing FreshDesk system
  4. After you click the ᾮRegisterᾯ button the page will refresh and let you know that an activation link has been sent to your email address. You should now check your email inbox for the activation email.
    Screenshot showing activation email confirmation from the Marketing FreshDesk System
  5. Click the activation link in your email.
    Screenshot showing the email received from the Marketing FreshDesk system with activation link
  6. After clicking the link, an ᾮActivate your accountᾯ page will open in a browser window. Enter the password that you wish to use for the account. Remember that this password has no connection to Blackboard, and will not change automatically when you change your Blackboard password. Then, click ᾮActivate & Log Inᾯ.
    Screenshot displaying Activate your account screen
  7. You will now be logged in. Click the ᾮNew support ticketᾯ to create a new Marketing Service Request.
    Screenshot showing logged in version of the ticket system
  8. You will now be on the ticket creation screen. Please fill in the boxes as follows.
    • Requester: This will already be pre-populated with your email address. You may click ᾮadd ccᾯ if you wish to CC anyone into the request (ex. a supervisor).
    • Subject: Include a descriptive subject line. This is the title of your request. Do not use generic titles like, ᾮhelp neededᾯ. Instead, try to convey the subject of the request.
    • Description: Write a detailed description of your request. Be sure to include as many details as you can. If you have an event, include dates, times, locations and so on. Please do not submit a request without any detail, or with only a placeholder (ex. ᾮinformation coming soonᾯ).
    • Your Department: Using the dropdowns to select your department based on the College’s organizational structure.
    • Type of Request: Please select ᾮCommunicationsᾯ and then choose one of the available options. If you have an event upcoming that requires coverage, please select ᾮEvaluate Potential Media Opportunityᾯ.
    • Account Number: This field is not required for Communications tickets. You can leave it blank.
    • Phone number and extension: This field is not required. You can leave it blank.
    • Date requested by: This field helps us triage your request.
  9. Click ᾮSubmitᾯ. Your request is now submitted and you will receive an email confirmation. When your request has been updated you will receive an email. You may respond directly to this email and your response will be added to your request’s history in the FreshDesk system, however we encourage users to log in to ensure that no updates or questions from the team are missed.