Inspection Schedule

One of the responsibilities of the Joint Health and Safety Committee is to inspect the work site on a monthly basis.

If the work site is large, small sections may be inspected as determined by the Joint Health and Safety Committee. Below is the schedule of inspections for the various locations at the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake Campuses of Niagara College throughout the year.

If you would like further information regarding inspection requirements or general information regarding the Occupational Health and Safety Act it can be found on the Ministry of Labour web site – .

Off-site smaller locations will have their own Health and Safety Representative and will inspect their areas every month.

The name in bold below is the Lead Inspector and is responsible for completion of inspections per this schedule.

Team Number Faculty or Support Member Admin. Member(s) Location Months
1 Bart Lanni, Shannon MacRae None Rankin Technology Centre,
Lot Behind, Lot C3
April, October
2 Brenda Bronson, Shannon MacRae None Cafeteria, LRC, Learning Commons, Merritt, Athletic Centre, SAC, Lots A1, A2, A3, B, C1, C2 May, November
3 Brenda Bronson None Applied Health Institute, Lots G1, G2, G3, G4 January, July
4 Bonnie Martel Alan Unwin Lundy, Secord March, September
5 Bart Lanni, Shannon MacRae None Voyageur, FMS, Garage, Tunnel, Receiving and Lot, BRTF February, August
6 Brenda Bronson None Simcoe, Black Walnut, Lots F1, F2 June, December
7 Brenda Bronson None Child Care Centre, Pavilion, Lots D1, D2, D3, E1, E2 November, May
8 Dave Thomson None NOTL East Wing, East Lot, Residence Lot April, August, December
9 Bonnie Martel Alan Unwin NOTL West Wing, West Lot January, October
10 Liz Roy, Bonnie Martel None CFWI February, June, November
11 Dave Thomson, Liz Roy None NOTL North Wing, Cafeteria, Gym, LRC, Exercise Room, Courtyard March, July
12 Dave Thomson, Liz Roy Alan Unwin Barn, Greenhouse, Wine Centre, Wine Lot, Receiving, Brewery May, September

Note: Monthly inspections take place at 1 St. Paul Street and are conducted by Rena Posteraro.