About this Program

Credential Awarded:Ontario College Diploma
Campus:Welland Campus
Length:2 Years

Program Highlights

  • Constantly evolving learning: program focus and instructional content are often revised and updated in response to changing industry needs and upcoming trends.
  • Cutting edge tools and technology: whether software or hardware, we strive to offer our students access to everything that they need to succeed
  • Qualified and experienced faculty: students learn from highly qualified instructors and local Industry leaders
  • Experience that counts: NMWD students work on real-world projects with industry and community partners. They also participate in web-based and interactive projects in other college areas such as Welcomed stronger if, Marketing and the Centre for Professional and Organizational Development. Multidisciplinary collaboration and exposure are key
  • Pathway flexibility: with a common first term curriculum between New Media Web Design and Computer Programming students may switch programs mid-stream or earn multiple diplomas in less time
Our curriculum includes:

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and database interaction as well as CMS, UX Design, SEO and digital graphics/multimedia production to prepare students for the creation of web-based-responsive solutions for mobile, tablet and desktop

Career Opportunities

  • Mobile/responsive web development
  • Web layout and design
  • Wordpress application development
  • Multimedia production
  • Account management
  • E-commerce

You are well-suited to this program if you:

  • Are interested in interactive, web and mobile content
  • Are curious and excited about digital interface design
  • Want to apply your artistic abilities to contemporary technology
  • Are not afraid of code
  • Work well independently as well as in a team environment
  • Can effectively communicate ideas and concepts
  • Are detail-oriented and organized
  • Have strong analytical skills

Interested in exploring web design as a career?

  • Try some online tutorials at
  • Explore web design trends and techniques at
  • Experiment with some graphics software at
  • Read a textbook or two at
  • Check out the original web browser at

Admissions and Availability

Ontario College Diploma
#0157 - 2 Years Welland
Starting In Availability
September 2017Closed
January 2018Suspended
May 2018Not Available
September 2018Suspended
January 2019Not Available
May 2019Not Available

Future Study Options

We are proud to provide a range of future study options for NC students. More details on specific opportunities and partnerships can be found at vnmanga.info/transfercredit.