Help and Guides

Browse our help documents below. For additional guides and assistance, contact us. For technical support contact ITS.

General Information

  • Basic Navigation – How to use and navigate within the MyNC system, and how to access the Niagara College Online Enrolment (NICOLE) system.
  • Download Blank Timetable Sheet – A blank timetable sheet that you can print out and write your courses on.
  • How to Change my Contact Information/Verify Formal Given Name – Learn about how to change your personal information: verify your formal given name, your address, phone number and home email address.
  • Find Your Academic Advisor – Academic Advisors are available from registration to graduation, connecting you to the many services that will enhance your college experience and provide you with the appropriate resources to support your success at Niagara College.

Are you looking for counselling, mental health, and crisis resources? Click here.

Logging In

  • New User: How to Register – Are you a new user? Learn how to register for a MyNC account and set your password for the first time.
  • Forgot Password/Change Password – Follow these instructions to reset or change your password.
  • How to Setup and Access Student Email – This is for current students only who have paid their fees. All students receive a student email address while attending Niagara College. All Blackboard and College notices will be sent to this email.
  • Download How to: Access Blackboard – This is for current students only who have paid their fees. Blackboard is web-based learning management system. You will use the username and password that you set up for MyNC to access . For advanced Blackboard help, visit Information Technology Services.
  • Trouble Logging in with Internet Explorer 10 – When logging in with Internet Explorer 10, users may experience the ᾮnever ending loadingᾯ issue, where the page refuses to load. Follow these instructions to log in.
  • Language Error when Logging In – If you are receiving this error when logging in: ᾮLogon failed as the language you have selected is not available for this database.ᾯ then read these instructions.


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