Choose Electives in NICOLE

  1. Navigate to ᾮMy Registrationᾯ and then ᾮSelect/Manage Timetable (NICOLE)ᾯ.
  2. If your program requires an elective or option , the system will remind you of this in the Welcome page, and will prompt you to choose an elective/option after completing the ᾮSelect Your Timetableᾯ section. Please note that not all programs are require you to select an elective. If you are still on the Timetable confirmation page, please click on ᾮChoose Your Electives Now!ᾯ

    Help, I exited NICOLE before choosing my elective(s)! If you exit the system after Selecting Your Timetable but prior to selecting an elective or course option, please go to ᾮCustomize Your Timetableᾯ, and then ᾮEnroll in a Courseᾯ and the elective link will be there.If your program requires an elective, you will only be able to choose an elective through this option (dependent on the date.) Your other core courses will be displayed, but you will not be able to change your core courses until part-time registration begins, approximately two weeks after the beginning of registration. (Check the Dates Calendar for key dates).

  3. Click on the ᾮGeneral Electiveᾯ link (the name of this link may vary slightly). Note: the elective currently reads 0 of 1 selected. Some programs may have more than one elective to select. Some programs will also have options to select. Options work the same way as electives. A list of available course choices will display. Ensure that you scroll down to see all of the open choices. Course descriptions are available to the right of the course name.
    General Elective - 0 of 1 selected
  4. When you have made your decision, click on the course name to select the course. Example: SOCL1209
    An example of selecting a course
  5. Class details will display. If the room is online, virtual or hybrid, then the delivery of this course (or a portion of the course) will be via the internet and typically no specific scheduling time is required. To enroll, click on Enroll in this Class or Back to previous page to make another selection.
    A screenshot showing the Enrol in this Class link
  6. Confirm your choice by clicking YES.  Do not close down your browser until you have received your confirmation message.

Important Note: If you change your Timetable Block, you will have to re-enroll in your elective choice.  There is a risk that your original choice may no longer be available.