How to Select a Timetable Block

All programs (with the exception of General Arts & Science – Exploration Pathway and certain levels of General Business) have a set of predefined courses that must be taken in a specific term. These courses are grouped together in course groups, or ᾮtimetable blocksᾯ. Most programs will have a choice of timetable blocks. If your program has only one timetable block, you are still required to enroll in that block.

Follow the instructions below to select your timetable block.

  1. Then, click the ᾮMy Registrationᾯ link, and then ᾮSelect/Manage Timetable NICOLEᾯ.

  2. Read the Important Notice.
  3. Click on the ᾮSelect Your Timetable Blockᾯ link.
    Select Your Timetable Block
  4. If your program has 6 or less timetable blocks, you may want to click on the ᾮTimetable Overlay Viewᾯ link. This will display your various schedule options using colour groupings. This feature may not be useable for programs with more than six timetable blocks.
    Timetable Overlay View
  5. Once you find the timetable block that you want, click the ᾮEnroll in this Timetable Blockᾯ link next to your choice.
    Enroll in this timetable block
  6. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click ᾮYesᾯ to confirm, and ᾮNoᾯ to go back. Warning: Do not close your browser window yet.
    Click Yes to enroll in your timetable block
  7. A confirmation of enrollment Once you have clicked ᾮYesᾯ for a timetable block, you will receive the following confirmation page. Print out this page as confirmation of your enrollment. If you do not receive this page, you are not enrolled! Important: Take note of your status. It should be full-time, unless you have not met all the prerequisites for your plan and level. In the example below, the student has not met most of their prerequisites and now has a part-time status. This student would have to wait for the start of part-time registration (see the Dates Calendar for important dates) to retake any unsuccessful courses from a previous level. Enrollment such as this can usually be done online by clicking on Add Courses.
  8. You may be now prompted to ᾮChoose Your Elective Now!ᾯ (See: How to Choose your Elective for instructions.) Not all programs have this requirement.
  9. Did you receive a warning about prerequisites?
    • You may view these courses under ᾮCustomize Your Timetableᾯ when this link is open for your program.
    • You may also print an Academic Advisement report from MyNC.
    • An Academic Advisement report will show you all the required courses for your program, will indicate courses that you are currently enrolled in, courses where you have received a grade, courses not yet complete as well as your graduation status.
    • This report is a guide only and does not constitute an official transcript.
    • Some programs with a common first year (Broadcasting, Business Admin., Accounting, Electrical/Electronics, Protection/Security/Investigations) will not have an Academic Advisement report available until specialties have been declared in the second year of the program .
  10. Did you receive the warning ᾮNote: Course previously takenᾯ?
    • You may access your Grade Report from MyNC.
    • Your Grade Report will show you your final grades for all of the courses that you have completed at Niagara College.

You may change your Timetable Block up to the 5th day of classes, assuming spots are still available. If your program requires an elective, you will have to reselect your elective each time you change your Timetable Block. Please refer to ᾮHow to Choose Your Electiveᾯ for more information.