Timetable Selection Schedules and Electives Lists

When can I select my timetable?

Timetable selection schedules are released prior to each term and are announced on the MyNC homepage under ᾮAnnouncementsᾯ. Schedules are available in PDF format. Students in each program will complete their online timetable selection at a specific date and time, so be sure to check the schedule.

I don’t see a schedule listed yet. When can I expect to select my timetable?

Visit vnmanga.info/dates/ and look for the ᾮPost-Secondary Full-time Online timetable selection beginsᾯ date in the term you’re entering. This date is when online timetable selection begins. Check back closer to this date and a schedule should be posted.

What general electives can I choose?

Depending on what program you’re taking you may need to choose a general elective. Electives differ depending on what campus you’re attending (Welland or Niagara-on-the-Lake). Check for a ᾮGeneral Electives Optionsᾯ announcement on the MyNC homepage under ᾮAnnouncementsᾯ. Two lists of electives will be available – one for each campus.