What Our Students Say

As a recent graduate from Niagara Colleges’ PSW program, I believe my experience at Niagara College has left me with a great sense of knowledge and pride as a PSW. In the beginning my dreams were set on becoming a RPN and unfortunately that program did not work out for me. I was devastated and turned to the PSW program because I still wanted to pursue a career in healthcare.

To be honest at first I was not happy with being a PSW because my dreams were set on becoming a nurse. After a couple weeks of classes, my attitude changed and I found the teachers in the PSW program to be very supportive and very knowledgeable. My negative attitude shifted to being a positive one and being able to turn my short- comings into a positive experience.

Furthermore, I started to fall in love with the program in my second semester with my placements and eventually my consolidation. Niagara College’s unique offering of courses on mental health and death prepared me well for my placements. During my placements, I realized the importance of PSW’s and that I have the opportunity to be a great impact on clients lives. I love interacting with people and fell in love with working with the patients on my consolidation. I feel that the PSW program was a great introductory to the world of healthcare and has greatly prepared me as I pursue my education as a RPN. Many thanks to all the professors in the PSW program for their support and guidance.

Hollie Kankowski, Personal Support Worker graduate