Welcome OntarioLearn Students

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Dear OntarioLearn Student

Thank you for registering for an OntarioLearn course with Niagara College. Please read the following information.

OntarioLearn courses involve a combination of online courses delivered by the use of a Learning Management System (LMS) through print-based texts and workbooks. Learning is facilitated by an instructor who keeps in touch with you and your fellow students through OntarioLearn or email. The OntarioLearn system serves as a virtual classroom that you can attend anytime it suits you. It is recommended that you attend at least once a week. Here, you are able to interact with your fellow students and your instructors through LMS-based discussions, and are able to receive and submit assignments.

New to OntarioLearn

Courses are accessed via . Go to and then click the ᾮLog inᾯ button on the right of the page. Review the username and password links on the left side of the page to determine your login information.

  For course codes COMP1421, COMP1501, ADED1031, EVMT1112, EVMT1114 and EVMT1116, please go to and log in to access your course. You will need your student ID number.

Submissions and Access

You will have access to your course as per the dates stated at registration. Remember you lose all access to the course, course material, grades, and teacher as of the last day of your course.

  • Make sure to backup and save all work.
  • Check your grades after each assignment/test.
  • Make sure you submit your work – don’t just save.
  • If you have not received a grade, ask your instructor before the course has ended; it is the student’s responsibility to make sure their work has been received by the instructor by the deadlines given.
  • Please be advised that access to your course will no longer be available after your last class. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have the necessary course material for their exam preparation be fore their last class. Students should be copying course material they feel necessary for exam study purposes on their personal desktop. This proactive approach will ensure you have the necessary course material to study for your exam should it be scheduled past your last class.


Note: Electronic textbooks cannot be used during exams.

Order Textbooks:

Visit and search for your textbook by the title of your course. The host college may have a slight variation to the title of course. For example, Canadian Income Tax = Taxation I, or Financial Accounting 1 = Accounting Basics I.


The Welland Campus Bookstore.

Order Home Inspection Textbooks:

Please order your Home Inspection Training course material online from the Carson Dunlop store. The cost for each course text will be $250 plus tax and shipping.

  1. Visit the online store at .
  2. Select ᾮNiagara Collegeᾯ. (Your coupon code will only work in the Niagara College section.)
  3. Add the books that you need to your cart.
  4. Click ᾮView Cartᾯ to go to checkout.
  5. Enter coupon code – ONNia979.
  6. Enter your billing and shipping information to complete the order.

Booking Exams

If you live within 111 kms of the college, you must write your proctored tests/exams at the  Niagara College Welland campus.

All proctored final exam booking information will be available on the OntarioLearn Exams page.

Note: Online final exam registration begins three weeks prior to the course end date.

Technical Difficulties

For OntarioLearn courses, please contact the Embanet Helpdesk at 1-800-695-5008 or visit .

Printing Your Grade Report

You will need to log into Niagara College’s Blackboard system to view and print your grades. Instructors have three weeks from the end date of your course to submit their grades.

  1. When visiting any page on the vnmanga.info website, hover over or tap ᾮQuick Linksᾯ in the top bar, and then click or tap ᾮLogin to Blackboardᾯ.
    Screenshot indicating how to log into Blackboard
  2. Type in your username and password in the fields provided and then click the ᾮLoginᾯ button.New user? You will need to retrieve your Niagara College username and password (it’s different than your OntarioLearn login). Click the ᾮSet / Change Your Passwordᾯ link to set your password. You must provide your student number (found on your Confirmation of Enrollment) and your birth date.
  3. Click on the ᾮMy Appsᾯ tab, and then click on the ᾮMy Student Recordsᾯ icon.
    (Note: If you are looking for your T1102A tax receipt you can find it under the on the ᾮMy Financialsᾯ tab.)
Technical difficulties?

For technical difficulties with logging in or setting your password, call the Niagara College ITS Helpdesk at 111-111-1111 ext. 7642.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Niagara College Online Learning by calling 111-111-1111 ext. 7606 or 7525, or by email at [email protected].