Enrolment and Eligibility

Am I eligible to take a Part-Time Studies course?

Anyone age 19 or over, OR with a Secondary School Diploma are eligible to attend Part-Time Studies courses. If you are under 19 and without a Secondary School Diploma, you may be eligible to enroll in some classes one week prior to the class start date, provided you have permission from the Academic Department and the Registrar’s Office. For information, call 111-988-4306.

Pre-requisites and Co-requisites

A pre-requisite is a course that is required prior to taking a higher level course. A co-requisite is a course that must be taken in conjunction with another course. The student must ensure that he/she has the necessary prerequisite(s) and is also registering in any specified co-requisite(s). For information, call 111-988-4306.

What’s a Confirmation of Enrolment?

In Class/On Campus Learning

Your Confirmation of Enrolment provides you with the room/campus location of your course. It’s also part of the necessary documentation needed to withdraw from a course. You will receive your Confirmation of Enrolment within five days after registration. For information, call 111-988-4306.

Online Learning

You will receive an e-mail containing login information the day that your course starts. If you register after the course start date, you will receive login information within 24-48 hours. For information, call 111-988-4306.

Classroom Locations

The class location is listed with each class description when browsing courses. The actual classroom number for your course will be printed on your Confirmation of Enrollment form, and will be posted at the appropriate campus on the first night of your class. For information, call 111-988-4306.

Can I audit a course?

Students may audit a credit or vocational course with permission from the Part-Time Studies Department before the start of the course. Regular course fees will apply. Course attendance is required, but there will be no evaluation given for the course. A grade of AU will appear on the transcript. Some courses are prerequisites for other courses. A course with an ‘audit’ grade will not qualify as a prerequisite for higher level courses. There are no online courses that can be audited. For information, call 111-988-4306.

Registration Information