Key Performance Indicators

What are Key Performance Indicators?

The instituted a system of performance measures for its colleges in 1999. The measures are called Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs.

Niagara College also provides Occupational Data by program, including occupational descriptions, wage rates and job postings.

In the past, Niagara College consistently monitored how well it was providing programs and services for its various student and client groups, and planned its investments accordingly, even in the absence of KPIs.

The 5 KPIs

  1. Graduate employment
  2. Graduate satisfaction
  3. Employer satisfaction
  4. Student satisfaction
  5. Graduation rate (student success)

Overall and Consolidated KPI Results By Year and Program

Key Performance Indicators are:

  • System-wide – this means that all colleges in Ontario use the same indicators and methodologies for data collection. Universities use different indicators or compile their data in a different manner
  • Government mandated
  • Auditable
  • Updated annually

Employment Profile – Survey results from Ontario’s Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology

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