Ethics Review Process

Researcher’s Procedures

The following procedures are all outlined in the pages within this website and must be followed prior to engaging in any research activity involving human participants, at or under the auspices of Niagara College.

  • Review and consult the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humans (2014)
  • Review and consult the Niagara College Research Practices
  • Complete TCPS 2 Tutorial Course on Research Ethics
  • Review and consult the Niagara College Research Ethics Application Guide for Research Involving Human Participants
  • Complete and submit the Niagara College Research Ethics Application for Research Involving Human Participants prior to the commencement of research

 Determining the Level of Research Ethics Review

The Research Ethics Board determines the level of review for each research project by assessing ᾮthe foreseeable risks, the potential benefits and the ethical implications of the research, both at the stage of the initial review and throughout the life of the project (continuing ethics review)ᾯ (TCPS 2, p. 28).

Full Review

These are applications screened for a full review or if the Delegated Committee (i.e., the Chair and another member) determines that a delegated review is not appropriate, the application will be distributed to the members of the REB for consideration at the next scheduled REB meeting.

Delegated REB Review of Minimal-Risk Research

When applications are screened for delegated review, the Delegated Committee will determine whether the proposed research is a) acceptable as submitted; b) acceptable with minor modifications; or c) required to undergo a full ethical review.

REB Review Procedures

Upon the successful submission of the research ethics application, the Niagara College REB or the Delegated Committee will evaluate the application for ethical acceptability and will render a decision.

REB Decisions

The principal investigator will be notified of the decision through email within 14 working days of the scheduled review date. The notification may be an approval or request(s) for modification(s) and/or clarification(s). For approved research studies, the REB will issue a Certificate of Ethical Clearance to the principal investigator.

A decision of the REB to disallow research on ethical grounds may only be reversed through the appeal process. Researchers shall refer to the research ethics application guide for more information.