Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm thinking about conducting research. Where can I learn more about the process?
A: Read the Niagara College Research Ethics Application Guide for Research Involving Human Participants to understand all procedures and expectations.
Q: Where do I get the research ethics application?
A: Download it from the Forms page or email [email protected] to request the application.
Q: Who should I contact if I need further assistance regarding research protocols and/or completing the research ethics application?
A: Contact the Niagara College REB by sending your question to [email protected] or call 111-111-1111 Ext. 7180.
Q: Do all researchers in the research team have to complete the TCPS 2 online tutorial?
A: YES. The online tutorial course has to be completed by all researchers before any research is conducted. In order for an application to be approved, the certificate of completion for each researcher must be submitted along with the research ethics application.
Q: Do faculty and students use the same research ethics application?
A: YES. Both faculty and student researchers shall submit the same ethics application. Note: There is a separate application for course-based research projects.
Q: Will the REB be accepting the older version of the Niagara College Research Ethics Application?
A: NO. The REB will no longer be accepting research proposals submitted in the older version of the research ethics application form.