Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD)

Leadership Exploration and Development (LEAD) is a Co-Curricular Record program designed to offer students from any academic area the opportunity to explore and develop leadership skills in four key areas:

  • iLEAD Myself (personal growth)
  • iLEAD My Team (group development)
  • iLEAD My Community (community values)
  • iLEAD My Career (professional application)

LEADers participate in discussions and presentations at NC

Why participate?

Through learning, growth and experience in these areas, you will challenge yourself, bring out your personal best and develop the skills to affect change and make an impact.

The LEAD program will develop your leadership skills while enhancing the career-focused, hands-on training you get in your program of study.

This program is a great way to gain a competitive edge, valuable leadership skills and experience, and develop your resume and portfolio.

Put it on your Co-Curricular Record

Successful students will earn an official LEAD Accreditation by participating in the program, and will receive special mention on the accreditation if they also participate in a community based leadership project.

How to get involved:

To explore volunteer opportunities available to students visit the on .


Please contact Sarah Singleton, Student Development Program Coordinator at [email protected] or by phone at 111-641-252 ext. 7298.