Student Experience

Niagara College’s Student Experience program, which begins with Orientation Week, is the central hub for events, workshops, seminars and guest speaker series that will assist students with easing the transition into College life.

Orientation Week

Students kick off the school year with a week of Orientation events, hosted by the Centre for Student Engagement and Leadership.

Events vary – everything from free food to free music to contests and prizes – and more! Every Orientation includes program information sessions, which gives students the chance to meet their professors and fellow students in their program.

NC Night at the Food Festival

And support throughout your first year…

Throughout the year we host numerous events, including information sessions, mixers, workshops, guest speakers and themed holiday events, in order to ease the process of transitioning into college life. Check the and for event announcements.

  • Mixers
    Students chat at a mixer event

    We know that the ability to adapt to a new social environment by being able to make new friends is important for our students. Various mix and mingle sessions, in addition to ᾮSpeed Friendingᾯ events, are hosted during the school year.

  • Seminars
    Students participate in a leadership seminar

    Throughout the first year we host seminar series which address issues students face. These seminars often include topics such as time management, money management, stress management, social media etiquette and more.

  • Holiday Events
    Halloween at the Financial Aid Office

    In an effort to continue boosting school spirit, the holidays will play a key role in creating an inviting atmosphere, in addition to building community and a sense of belonging.

  • Student Appreciation Day
    Students enjoy tasty free food at Student Appreciation Day

    We hold an annual Student Appreciation Day, just to make sure you know you’re loved! Stop at departments throughout the college for free foods, treats, contests and games.