Computer Labs, Study Areas, Wifi

Open access computers at the library

Students work in the open access space at the Welland Campus library

Open Access Computer Labs

Open Access Computer Labs are available on campus for student use. Log in to the computers using your Blackboard username and password.

Please note that computers will be automatically wiped after every use. We recommend that students use a flash drive to save their work.

  • Students should be prepared to show their student cards as photo ID upon request at any time by college staff, lab monitors or security staff.
  • Computers at the college are provided for the use of students doing course-related work.
  • Use of the computers for frivolous or extra-curricular purposes is absolutely forbidden if students or staff are waiting to use the computers for school studies or homework.
  • Game playing, Facebook and chat lines are examples of such activities.
Need to Print?

Information about printing from labs, and printing/binding/copying services is available here.

Lab Locations
Welland Campus
  • Room SE182
  • Library – Upper and Lower Level – Only open during normal Library hours
Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus
  • Room N202
  • Library – Open 7 a.m. – midnight

Hours of Operation: 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Regular teaching labs (computer classrooms) are available for open access use only when not in use for scheduled classes. Students may not sit in on classes in scheduled labs unless registered in the course being taught at that time in that room.

Need a room for a group project or discussion?

Rooms may be booked at both the Welland and NOTL campuses. Most are in or near the Library or Learning Commons.


Free wifi is available throughout the Welland and Niagara-on-the-Lake campuses.

There are two networks available:

  • AirNC-Secure (Secured network) – Connect to the network using your Blackboard username and password.
  • AirNC-Guest – To connect, open an internet tab and hit refresh to prompt a log in screen. Log in using your Blackboard username and password. You will lose your connection if your device locks or if power-saving mode turns on and your screen turns off.
  • eduroam – Connect to this Wi-Fi network at least once before visiting other campuses. If the campus you visit is part of the eduroam network, you will have Wi-Fi access at those participating campuses.

Study Areas

Welland Campus
  • Learning Commons – Sit in the comfortable Learning Commons, just off the cafeteria. Plush chairs, common tables and study carols are available for students looking to study, read, or relax.
  • Quiet Study Area – Need something a little quieter? Stop by the Quiet Study Area. The Quiet Study Area is accessed from the Simcoe foyer, right across from Security Services. 25 study carols are available with electrical outlets. Be sure to bring a pair of headphones!
Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus

Quiet Study Area – Stop by the Library on the second floor to access the Quiet Study Area. Study carrels are available with power outlets and wireless internet access. Be sure to bring a pair of headphones!