Smoking on Campus

Be Air Aware

Our smoking policy

We are dedicated to providing an environment that promotes mutual respect and supports the health and well being of students, staff and visitors while ensuring compliance with provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

We have a comprehensive policy, which can be found on the Practices page under ᾮHealth, safety and securityᾯ, titled Tobacco and Smoking Control.

This policy requires that the use of tobacco products on campus be limited to designated smoking areas.

Niagara College’s policy for the use of tobacco on campus is in compliance with the .

Want to quit smoking?

We wish to support students and staff who wish to quit smoking by providing information and access to cessation programs and services.

Niagara College is a partner in . Leave The Pack Behind is a tobacco control program that offers young adults smoking and quitting information, personalized support, and quitting resources – all for free. It is funded by the Government of Ontario.

Where can I smoke on campus?

Please smoke in our sheltered, well-ventilated Designated Smoking Areas (DSAs) on campus. DSAs are marked on campus maps.


Welland designated smoking area map
DSAs at the Welland Campus are: beside the residence; The Core patio; near parking lot “A”; near the south-east entrance to the Rankin Technology Centre and near the south entrance to the Simcoe Building.


Niagara on the Lake designated smoking area map
DSAs at the Niagara-on-the-Lake Campus are: near parking lot “B2”; outside of the Residence entrance and within The Armoury patio.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls designated smoking area map
DSAs at the Niagara Falls Campus are: near the North Entrance.