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Getting involved on behalf of Niagara College, both on campus and within the community, can be a great experience and a great tool after you graduate!

Your volunteer and other co-curricular experiences can be tracked on an official document called a Co-Curricular Record, on behalf of the Student Engagement and Leadership Office. When you graduate not only will you receive your credential (certificate, diploma or degree), you’ll also receive an official Niagara College Co-Curricular Record (hard copy and electronic copy).

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The Get Involved Portal

What is it?

The contains volunteer opportunities, events and workshops from over 50 on and off campus departments, clubs and organizations. Submit the experiences that you participate in, and receive validation for those experiences on your Co-Curricular Record. To print your CCR, email [email protected].

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How can I participate?

It’s super easy! Just download the Starter Kit or watch the Tutorial Video below.

How do I get my Co-Curricular Record?

To receive a digital or hard copy of your Co-Curricular Record, email [email protected].