Student Rights and Responsibilities

As a Niagara College student it is important that you are aware of both your rights, and your responsibilities.

Student rights and responsibilities are officially available in the form of practices, which are administrated by the Niagara College Board of Governors. Every practice is available online in PDF format.

  • Your Rights and Responsibilities

    Student rights and responsibilities are published yearly in the , available from the (SAC).

    Student rights and responsibilities practices cover:

    • Your fundamental rights and responsibilities as a student
    • Appeal of discipline decisions
    • Harassment and discrimination
    • Student complaints and issues
    • Student discipline associated with disruptive student behavior
    • Students with disabilities

    Please note that the above list may be altered at any time. Please visit the Practices website to review all practices.

  • Code of Behaviour

    Students are also expected to abide by a Code of Behaviour, which can also be found in the provided by the (SAC).

    The handbook covers:

    • Bicycles, skateboards and skates
    • The use of laser pointers
    • Lost/stolen items
    • Pets on campus
    • Classroom visitors
    • Smoking
    • and much more
  • Your Privacy

    College staff may not disclose your personal information (such as grades,telephone number, address, etc.) to third parties, including parents, without your written approval.

    Learn more about student privacy

  • Smoking on Campus

    Niagara College is dedicated to providing an environment that promotes mutual respect and supports the health and well-being of students, staff and visitors while ensuring compliance with provincial and municipal laws and regulations.

    Niagara College has in place a comprehensive policy regarding the use of tobacco products on campus called ᾮTobacco and Smoking Controlᾯ.